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1. I received a ticket on the Square, but I was not there over two hours. Why did I receive the ticket?
2. I arrived at my car just as the Enforcement Officer was issuing me a ticket. Why can’t the officer void the ticket?
3. How long do I have to pay the parking ticket?
4. My parking ticket is due today. May I make a payment over the phone or online?
5. I have a Hang Tag and parked at a red-top meter but still received a ticket. Why?
6. I have a Hang Tag but forgot to put it on my rearview mirror. Can my ticket be forgiven?
7. I received a ticket in the Pay and Display lot. If I bring my receipt from the lot in, will you void the ticket?
8. I mistakenly paid the wrong meter. Can my ticket be voided?
9. I received a ticket that says Against the Flow. Is it a mistake?