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1. Can I register for a program or reserve a facility online?
2. What volunteer opportunities does Fayetteville Parks and Recreation offer?
3. What facilities are accessible?
4. Why does my dog have to be on a leash?
5. Does Fayetteville have a dog park?
6. Where are the closest campgrounds and cabins?
7. Do I need a license to fish at city lakes?
8. What does is cost to boat and/or fish on City lakes?
9. Which parks have electricity available?
10. Which parks have volleyball courts?
11. When does the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meet?
12. Can we rent park sport facilities for a tournament?
13. What do I do if I see some vandalism in a park?
14. What are the Park Rules and Regulations?
15. What are the hours for the Yvonne Richardson Community Center (YRCC)?
16. What are the Wilson Park Swimming Pool hours and how much does it cost?