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Scull Creek Trail

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  1. lighting
  2. Paved Multi-Use Trail

Length of Trail

This trail is 4.24 miles in length.

Trail Description

Scull Creek Trail opened in October of 2008 and connects to Frisco Trail at Prospect Street north to Mud Creek Trail, providing a continuous 8.46-mile trail. Scull Creek Trail is the "backbone" of the trails system due to its central location and connectivity to numerous parks, residences, businesses, and the University of Arkansas.

Scull Creek Trail offers a number of amenities. With a 12-foot wide paved surface, the trail accommodates the high number of users ranging from alternative-transportation commuters to a variety of recreational users. Lighting is included on most of the trail for increased safety and extended use in the evenings and short Winter days.

While closely aligning with Scull Creek, the trail crosses the creek at six locations with arching, weathering-steel, pedestrian bridges. Most of the creek corridor is lined with mature trees - providing shade and an enhanced experience along the trail. The trail also includes the longest pedestrian tunnel in the State - a 650 foot long tunnel with lighting under the Fulbright Expressway.

Scull Creek Trail has become a very popular destination for recreation as well as a viable alternative way to get around town from north to south. Counts in October of 2008 showed an average of over 2,000 people per day enjoying the trail.