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Gulley Park Trail


Gulley Park Trail Map (PDF)


  1. Creek Access
  2. lighting
  3. Paved Multi-Use Trail
  4. Restrooms
  5. Seating Areas
  6. Walking Path

Length of Trail

The park trail loop is approximately 0.85 miles. The trail extension is approximately 0.30 miles.

Trail Description

Gulley Park Trail is a paved, lighted 0.85-mile loop around the perimeter of Gulley Park with an extension of 0.30 miles on the northeast corner of the park. The trail offers access to benches, playgrounds, swings, picnic tables, bike racks, restrooms and drinking fountains.

The trail also crosses Niokaska Creek, a tributary to Mud Creek, offering scenic views of the creek. The trail is one of the most popular trails in one of Fayetteville's treasured community parks.