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Adopt A Street - Registration form

  1. Interested in joining numerous other Fayetteville Civic groups, organizations, school groups, and businesses to help Keep Fayetteville Beautiful? Become a Curb the Clutter volunteer is easy!
    Once we have received the registration information, we will work to select an area and display a Curb the Clutter sign with your group/ organization's name. To Initiate the registration process, just complete the form below.
  2. Please allow 2-4 week for processing and sign manufacturing before installation of sign.
    Thank you for your interest in this very worthwhile program and helping to Keep Fayetteville Beautiful by Curbing the Clutter. Please consult the check list to help you get your clean up efforts started. After conducting a clean up, please fill out the activity form . If you have any further comments or questions, please call 479-718-7685.
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