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Business Survey Form

  1. Business Survey Form
  2. The following information is being requested by the Fayetteville Police Department. This information will only be used in case of an emergency at this business location. An emergency could be a burglary, fire, criminal mischief or alarm. If you have any questions, call 479-587-3555, Option 1.
  3. Secondary number if applicable
  4. Please list at least two employees we can contact in the event of an emergency and are unable to reach the manager/owner. The employees listed should have access to the building and alarm system (if applicable). Please list in the order you would like the employees called. If you are the manager/owner and don’t want to be called first, please indicate in the field above.
  5. Secondary number if applicable
  6. Secondary number if applicable
  7. List additional contacts if desired.
  8. Secondary number if applicable
  9. Secondary number if applicable
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