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  1. Business Survey Form

    After hours contact information for Fayetteville businesses. This information is used in case of an emergency at the business after... More…

  2. Fayetteville Police Department Compliment Form
  3. Report underage alcohol violations

    Use this page to report any ABC violations, or underage alcohol problems.

  4. Request for presentation

    Request officers to give a presentation

  5. YCPA Sponsorship
  1. Citizens Police Academy Application

    Citizen's Police Academy Application

  2. Query request

    This form is to request a query on an address, area, beat, or neighborhood. The forms will be emailed back in an excel spreadsheet.

  3. Request for a Child Safety Seat Check / Install

    Child Safety Seat Check / Install form

  4. Request for Safety Survey

    Request for a officer to come to your property to do a safety survey. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey