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Adopt Your Outdoors Volunteer Hours Submittal Form

  1. Volunteer Hours Submittal Form

    Thank you for volunteering with the City of Fayetteville.  If you have volunteered in one of our public spaces please share your impact with us below!

    *Volunteers who have participated in a City-hosted cleanup event and have signed a sign-in sheet at that event do not need to report hours for that event.

  2. Type of cleanup:*
  3. Volunteering Location*
  4. (Please be specific. For example, if volunteering at Lake Fayetteville, please state which area; Veteran's Park, paved trail by dam, shore near disc golf, etc.)

  5. We are trying to track the amount of litter collected during volunteer cleanups. Please share your best guess on the amount of trash collected.

    Example: If four people collected roughly one quarter bag of trash each, that may be counted as 1 full bag.

  6. If yes, please describe.

  7. Please feel free to upload a few pictures of your cleanup; we may share them on social media or in a newsletter or report.

  8. Thank you for volunteering your time to help beautify and improve our city! We appreciate you!!
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