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Business Donation Application

  1. Fayetteville's volunteers work hard to help keep our community clean, vibrant and beautiful.  One way to say thanks for their efforts is to support them with food, drink and other donations at events.  To learn more about options for sponsoring events or to sign up, please see below!

  2. Ways you can support volunteers and events!

    Donate goods to support an individual event.
    A business or organization may choose to support volunteers by making a one-time donation of goods such as food, beverages or t-shirts to support a stewardship event. 

    Provide ongoing support by participating in the Adopt Your Outdoors program.
    The business or organization may also choose to provide ongoing support through the Adopt Your Outdoors program by providing goods for volunteering events annually or throughout the year, in exchange for having their name on a program sign.

    Volunteers who adopt a spot agree to do a cleanup at their location at least three times per year. Similar to this, we ask that businesses opting to participate by making donations provide food, snacks or beverages, t-shirts, or other cleanup items depending on the event need, for up to 30 people, three times per year. For larger events that typically have 100 - 150 volunteers, a business may donate once per year.  
    Once a business adopts, the City will work with the adopter to select a park, trail, street or creek of choice where the adopter sign will be placed. Only three businesses may adopt the same park for donations.

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  4. Ongoing Support Through Adopt Your Outdoors
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