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Residential Parking Enrollment Form - Entertainment District

  1. City of Fayetteville Parking Management Division
  2. Permits must be renewed annually
  3. Zone*
  4. Number of Permits Requested
  5. Vehicle Information
    • Must provide current vehicle registration to obtain any Residential Parking Permit. 
    • Windshield Sticker issued for this vehicle only and is not transferrable to another vehicle or another individual.
  6. I hereby agree to the following:*
    My City of Fayetteville parking permit is for my individual use and may NOT be transferred to another individual. Any vehicle with unpaid parking citations on permitted vehicle is subject to suspension of parking permit until all citations are paid. Payment of parking citations may be made by cash, check, or credit card.
  7. I understand that:*
    All resident permits, hang tags, and guest passes can only be used for residents and their visitors, may not be sold or transferred and have no monetary value. (See Penalty for Misuse)
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