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Lake Sequoyah Trail


Lake Sequoyah Map (PDF)


  1. Hiking Trail
  2. Nature Area

Length of Trail

There are 3 sections of nature trail that combine for a total of 4.15 miles of natural surface trail (one way).

Trail Description

Beginning at the boat docks, there are two nature trails at Lake Sequoyah. The north trail, named the King Fisher Trail, extends from the boat dock parking lot 1.9 miles north along the east bank of the lake with stunning views to the west (3.8 miles down and back). To the south of the boat dock parking lot, the Rookery Trail leads you past an informational kiosk, then east and south 2.0 miles along the bank of the lake (4.0 miles down and back).

Additionally, there is a 0.25-mile (one way) section located on the west side of the lake south of Lake Sequoyah Drive. All of the trails at Lake Sequoyah have been built with volunteer efforts. Thanks goes out to all of those who have worked so hard to create these wonderful trails for the public to enjoy!