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Lake Sequoyah Park


  1. Boating
  2. Fishing
  3. Hiking Trail
  4. Nature Area
  5. Picnic Area

Park History

Lake Sequoyah is comprised of approximately 1,400 acres of land and 389 acres of water. The City of Fayetteville purchased the property in 1958, and the lake was originally constructed as a water supply reservoir. The city stopped using it as a water supply in the 1960s when Beaver Water District became the primary source of water for Northwest Arkansas.

Today, many residents know the property as Lake Sequoyah Park. Patrons enjoy boating, fishing, nature watching, picnicking and hiking. The park has a boat ramp and courtesy dock. Nature trails provide gorgeous views of the lake with plenty of spur trails for fishing access. The area is noted for its plentiful bird population, including Great Blue Heron, American Bald Eagle and Belted Kingfisher.

Park Amenities

  • Boat Ramp and Courtesy Dock
  • Hiking Trail
  • Natural Area
  • Picnic Areas

Lake Regulations

Fishing and boating permits are required for Lake Fayetteville and should be purchased at the Boat House/Lake Office prior to accessing the lake. There is no permit requirement for Lake Sequoyah, Lake Wilson or other Park areas containing fishable waters. All City lakes are No Wake.


All state laws governing boats apply. No permit is required at Lake Sequoyah or Lake Wilson.


All fishing shall be done only from the bank or boat. No wading, swimming, or belly boats shall be permitted in all City Lakes. All AG&F regulations apply, and licenses are required.