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Lake Fayetteville Trail

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Lake Fayetteville Trail Map (PDF)


  1. Hiking Trail
  2. lighting
  3. Mountain Bike Trails
  4. Nature Area
  5. Paved Multi-Use Trail
  6. Picnic Area
  7. Playground
  8. Restrooms
  9. Seating Areas
  10. Walking Path

Length of Trail

The paved multi-use trail is 5.5 miles long. The soft surface natural trail is 6.9 miles long.

Trail Description

Lake Fayetteville Trail is the one of the most popular of Parks and Recreation's trails. The trails loops the lake with a combination of paved and natural surface shared by walkers, runners and bikers. There is a variety of flora and fauna in natural settings as well as beautiful views of the lake, so take your camera.

The trail offers benches, playgrounds and picnic areas, restrooms, informational kiosks and lighting. Be sure to stop at the rest areas on the beautiful, award winning bridge spanning the lake spillway.