Why is the ordinance not a “taking?”
The City Attorney has provided a memo that details his legal option. Read the memo (PDF).

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1. Why is the streamside protection ordinance necessary?
2. I have property on a stream in the city limits. Am I affected by this ordinance?
3. Why is the buffer 50 feet?
4. How do I measure the 50-foot buffer?
5. What is the top of bank? Who can help me determine where the top of bank is?
6. Is the buffer an easement?
7. May I continue to use my property just as I am now?
8. If I sell my property, are the uses still grandfathered in?
9. Is the City exempt from any part of the ordinance?
10. How will the City trails program be affected by the ordinance?
11. Why does the City Engineer have the power to administratively change the Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual? What checks does the City Council have in place?
12. Why is the ordinance not a “taking?”
13. How does this ordinance affect property values?