Who is on the City’s parking deck team? Why?
The city’s parking team consists of city staff, consultants hired by the city, and incorporates consultants hired by the Walton Arts Center (WAC). The combined team is led by Development Services Director Jeremy Pate. The city element includes parking program personnel, planning staff, accounting staff, and construction management and inspection personnel. The consultant element is led by Ron Petrie of Garver Engineers, and includes representatives from AFHJ/AB Architecture, Carl Walker Parking Consultants, and a subcontract to Grubbs, Hoskyn, Barton and Wyatt Geotechnical Engineers.

Additionally, in May 2012 the Walton Arts Center hired Boora Architects to evaluate the WAC’s short and mid-range expansion needs and to identify how these expansions can integrate well with potential deck configurations. This ensures that a well thought out, integrated and comprehensive design will be developed that both meets the needs of today and allows for the expansions of the future. Because the WAC sits on one of the blocks where the deck may be built, close integration of future expansion needs is critical. In April 2013, the City Council selected Baldwin and Shell as the Construction Manager for the project, assisting with cost evaluation and construction expertise throughout the design phase. They will continue as the Construction Manager for the duration of the construction project.Parking Management Staff

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1. Why are we building a parking deck?
2. Where is the parking deck going to be located? Why?
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5. Why are we building a deck for the Walton Arts Center?
6. Will I have to pay for parking in the deck or is it free?
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9. Who is on the City’s parking deck team? Why?
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13. Will the deck meet planning and development requirements?
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15. Will the deck be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building?