Why build this deck now? Why not wait?
The shortage of parking exists right now, established by the number of times existing parking is full. Every time a citizen, guest, or visitor comes to the area and is frustrated by the lack of parking, we create an unhappy person who may not come back again. Clearly this is not how we want to treat our citizens, their guests, or visitors. Plus, businesses in the area lose customers every time our lots are full, and the city loses both the sales tax their business generates and the parking revenue parking in a city space would create.

Construction costs are relatively low and are only likely to increase with time. Waiting on a construction project almost always causes costs to rise. Interest rates for issuing bonds are very low and are very unlikely to do anything but rise. Like construction costs, we do not know when they will start to go up, but waiting only increases the chances that they will increase. The more we have to pay in interest, the less money we have to build the deck.

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1. Why are we building a parking deck?
2. Where is the parking deck going to be located? Why?
3. How many parking spaces will there be?
4. Why build this deck now? Why not wait?
5. Why are we building a deck for the Walton Arts Center?
6. Will I have to pay for parking in the deck or is it free?
7. How much will the deck cost to build?
8. Will paying for the deck cause parking costs to increase?
9. Who is on the City’s parking deck team? Why?
10. How many levels will there be?
11. How is the City paying for the deck?
12. Is there room for more spaces in the future?
13. Will the deck meet planning and development requirements?
14. Will the deck meet the guidelines of the City of Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan?
15. Will the deck be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building?