Where is the parking deck going to be located? Why?
The city evaluated 4 potential sites near the Walton Arts Center. All of these sites are land owned by the city or jointly by the city and the University of Arkansas. The true center of mass of the Dickson area is the intersection of Dickson and West. People want to park within a relatively close distance to their destination. Other parking decks - the Dickson (formerly called the Underwood Building), the Washington County Courthouse, and the Central United Methodist deck - are further than patrons attending a more formal event or dinner want to walk, especially in cold, hot, or rainy weather.

On December 4, 2012, the City Council passed Resolution 238-12 to select the Theater Site, the block which contains the Walton Arts Center, as the future site of the Spring Street Municipal Parking Deck. Please see the full resolution for details. Resolution No. 238-12 (PDF)

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1. Why are we building a parking deck?
2. Where is the parking deck going to be located? Why?
3. How many parking spaces will there be?
4. Why build this deck now? Why not wait?
5. Why are we building a deck for the Walton Arts Center?
6. Will I have to pay for parking in the deck or is it free?
7. How much will the deck cost to build?
8. Will paying for the deck cause parking costs to increase?
9. Who is on the City’s parking deck team? Why?
10. How many levels will there be?
11. How is the City paying for the deck?
12. Is there room for more spaces in the future?
13. Will the deck meet planning and development requirements?
14. Will the deck meet the guidelines of the City of Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan?
15. Will the deck be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building?