Why are we building a parking deck?
This area needs more parking. Based on surveys city staff has done in the last year, the city's parking spaces in and around Dickson Street - numbered spaces and gated lots - have been full 208 times in 2011 (full is defined as > 90% occupancy due to in and out transitional movement). Many of these times were in conjunction with events, many of which were at the Walton Arts Center. The spaces are also full during football games and other events.

Building a deck has been discussed for many years. There was a study completed in August 2005 by Martin Alexiou Bryson (MAB) for the city and the University of Arkansas that studied parking in the area. It concluded that a 1,200 space deck was required, on the assumption that certain planned developments occurred. The study identified that 800 additional parking spaces were needed for the area if the Walton Arts Center had no changes in operation. Adding in the potential 2,500 seat theater, the parking shortfall grew to 1,200 spaces. While the theater expansion has not occurred, other development has taken place, and there are 2 large additional developments currently underway on West Avenue between Dickson and Maple. The need for 1,200 spaces is not there right now, but there is absolutely a need for more parking than currently exists. Lack of convenient parking is still one of the most common complaints the city receives about the downtown Dickson area.

For more information, please refer to the study completed in 2005.Dickson Parking Deck Feasibility Study (PDF)

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1. Why are we building a parking deck?
2. Where is the parking deck going to be located? Why?
3. How many parking spaces will there be?
4. Why build this deck now? Why not wait?
5. Why are we building a deck for the Walton Arts Center?
6. Will I have to pay for parking in the deck or is it free?
7. How much will the deck cost to build?
8. Will paying for the deck cause parking costs to increase?
9. Who is on the City’s parking deck team? Why?
10. How many levels will there be?
11. How is the City paying for the deck?
12. Is there room for more spaces in the future?
13. Will the deck meet planning and development requirements?
14. Will the deck meet the guidelines of the City of Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan?
15. Will the deck be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building?