How many discount code uses do I get?

Your discount code will be available to use up to 22 times per calendar month. 

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1. How do I apply for the employee discount on parking rates?
2. How do employees who do not have access to a computer or email receive their discount code?
3. What parking areas are available to employees at the discounted rate?
4. What times are the 90% employee discounts in effect?
5. Are the employee discounts available in the parking lots?
6. How do I receive and use my employee discount?
7. Will I receive the Employee Discount if I use ParkMobile?
8. How many discount code uses do I get?
9. How often do I have to apply for my employee discount code?
10. Can I, as an employer, have all of the discount codes for my employees sent to my business email?
11. How do business owners apply for employee discount?