How do I participate in the ward bulky waste cleanups?
Each year the Recycling and Trash Collection Division conducts 8 ward bulky waste cleanups. These cleanups are located in different areas of the city in coordination with the City Council. The events are scheduled in the spring and fall of each year. To find out the locations and when they are to be held please check the city website regularly. Press releases are also in the papers and the government access channel or you may call the Recycling and Trash Collection Office at 479-575-8398 to find out more information.

The cleanups are held on Saturdays from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. They are for bulky waste items only including: furniture, appliances, construction debris from small remodeling jobs, and other similar large items. Hazardous wastes, tires, normal household trash, commercial trash, brush, dirt and medical waste are not accepted at these clean ups.

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