How can I get directions to Drake Field?
Use the google maps link below for custom directions
The terminal parking lot on the left. The physical address is 4500 S School Avenue.
Google Maps - Drake Field

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1. What do I do if I need to speak to the fixed base operator (FBO) about fueling, crew car availability, overnight hangar, catering, after hours service or another subject?
2. Does Drake Field have airline service?
3. What are your current fuel prices?
4. Where is the self serve fueling station located on the airfield?
5. I have an STC for unleaded gasoline for my aircraft. Can I purchase MoGas at Drake Field?
6. I want to learn how to fly. Does Drake Field have Pilot Training?
7. How can I get directions to Drake Field?
8. How can I report an aircraft that appears to be flying too low over my neighborhood?
9. Are there organizations that provide free air transport for specialized medical purposes?
10. Are there any aircraft maintenance shops on the field?
11. Does Drake Field have an Air Traffic Control Tower?
12. I'm a T-hangar tenant. How can I report an issue with my hangar, lights, gate access, self serve fueling station, east-side restrooms, rent payment/billing, or some other problem.
13. What do I do if I want to visit the Arkansas Air and Military Museum?
14. I want to pay my hanger invoice. Can I pay my hangar rent invoice with a credit card or automatic withdrawal?
15. What are the hours of the FBO?
16. How do I make a car rental reservation?