What types of transportation related permits does the City require?

The City of Fayetteville requires various permitting for the following: 

  • taxicab
  • limousine
  • non-motorized passenger transport vehicle
  • rental car service

The City requires taxicab, limousine, and non-motorized passenger companies to obtain a company permit approved by the City Council known as the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. Applicants must apply through the Police Department and be presented on application to the City Council. Once that certificate is approved by the City Council, additional permits are then required through the Police Department, and these vary depending on Certificate Type. You can contact the Police Department at 479-575-8355 to begin the permitting process.

Rental car service permits are remitted to the Accounting Division. You may contact Accounting at 479-575-8287 to request a form or fill one out online. View the Rental Car Service Privilege Permit form.

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