Why do I need to microchip my pet?
The Fayetteville City Council unanimously passed mandatory microchipping for all owned pets in January of 2012. Your pet’s microchip is his/her ticket home if he/she gets lost. Your pet’s microchip greatly increases the odds of him/her being returned to you. If your pet has a microchip our Animal Services Officers will attempt to return your pet to you if they pick it up.

Also, a microchip will prove that your pet is not a stray. If we have an animal that we know has an owner, we will hold onto the animal for five days longer than we do strays. You must register your pet's microchip with the City of Fayetteville. There is no fee to register the chip with the City, however there is a $20.00 fee for the service. You can bring your pet to the Shelter to be microchipped any time we are open.

You can download a microchip registration form by using the provided link, print it, and mail it to:

Animal Services
1640 S. Armstrong Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72701

For more information, contact Animal Services at 479-444-3456.Microchip Registration Form (PDF)

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