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September 21, 2023 4:00 PM

Curbside Recycling Interruptions starting 9/25

The City of Fayetteville’s Recycling and Trash Collection Department is experiencing a recycling driver shortage. This shortage may affect service schedules for curbside recycling routes beginning Monday, Sept. 25. Curbside recycling routes service the 18-gallon green recycling bins.

Residential trash, commercial trash, commercial recycling routes and yard waste collection routes will not be affected and will run on normal schedules.

While every effort will be made to service as many routes as possible, residential and commercial curbside customers placing their 18-gallon green recycling bins out on normal collection days should expect that not all recycling routes will be serviced. The City is actively working to recruit drivers with the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) needed to maintain normal collection schedules.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to use the City’s two recycling drop-off facilities if their bins are not serviced during the driver shortage. The recycling drop-off sites, which are available 24 hours a day, are:

Happy Hollow Recycling Drop-Off, located at 1420 S. Happy Hollow Road
Marion Orton Recycling Drop-Off, located at 735 W. North St.
Recycling Reminders

Please help our recycling drivers service bins more efficiently by only placing recyclable items accepted in our program. Non-recyclable materials in the bins will cause them not to be serviced and/or increases sorting time and difficulty.

The materials targeted for collection include:

Cardboard – please flatten and place in a recycling bin
Mixed paper – Must be clean and dry; includes newspapers and inserts, white office paper, magazines and catalogs, junk mail, cereal and other paperboard boxes and telephone books
Steel cans – labels are ok; place metal lids inside steel cans
Aluminum cans – cans ONLY please
Plastic #1 bottles – caps are ok; focus on water and soda bottles
Plastic #2 bottles – caps are ok; focus on milk and detergent bottles
Glass bottles and jars – All colors ok; no ceramics or plate glass
The following items cannot be recycled though our program:

No foil pans
No plastic containers (yogurt, Tupperware, takeout)
No plastic bags
No polystyrene (#6) or Styrofoam
No paper cartons (half-gallons of milk, almond or soymilk cartons or boxes)
Important Tips

Please rinse out bins to avoid excess grime and insects
No tobacco products
Focus only on the items listed above for target recyclables
Please place recycling bins within 6 feet of the curb and at least 3 feet from your trash cart the night before your scheduled trash day
For more information about how to participate correctly in the City’s curbside recycling program, go to:

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