Violation Rates & Appeals

Violation Rates

Parking violations may be written up to three times per day. (see below)
Violation Fine
Overtime Parking
Prohibited Parking / No Parking Zone
Handicap Violation
All violations are subject to an additional Summons Fee of $25.00 if not paid within 14 days.
Fayetteville Code of Ordinances
Section 72.99 Penalties

Violation Appeals Form

If you feel you have received a parking violation in error, please complete a violation appeals form. The form must be submitted within 14 days of the violation date. You may appeal the citation online.  In the online portal, simply look up the citation you wish to contest, click on the Citation Number and then click "Contest Citation".  Fill out the short form titled "Request Administrative Review" and then click "Request Review".

Violation appeals are reviewed weekly. There will be no increase in the fine while it is in the review process. Once the review has been completed, an email and/or letter will be sent to you with the results. Please do not pay the violation while it is in the review process.

We appreciate you visiting our downtown and hope you continue to enjoy the many attractions Downtown Fayetteville and our Entertainment District have to offer. Remember, parking in the Entertainment District is free until 2 p.m. daily and parking in the Downtown Business District is free on nights and weekends. Please do not hesitate to contact the Parking Management Office at 479-575-8280 with any questions.