Walton Arts Center Council, Inc.

Walton Arts Center is a nonprofit corporation that brings great performing artists and entertainers from around the world to Northwest Arkansas, connecting and engaging people through inspiring arts experiences. 

All business and affairs of Walton Arts Center are managed by the Walton Arts Center Council. Members of the Council are charged with ensuring the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals and are asked to provide their time, talent, and treasure to advance the organization’s mission and vision.   

As a result of a joint venture between the City of Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas, the Walton Arts Center Council is mandated to represent these entities and constituencies. The Council is comprised of five members appointed by the City of Fayetteville, five members appointed by the University, and nine at-large members appointed by the Walton Family Foundation.

Meeting Videos

Walton Arts Center Council meetings are no longer recorded by the City of Fayetteville. The last recording available dates back to 2010, please visit our miscellaneous meeting video archives (under construction 03-14-2023).


Three-year terms ending June 30th. All members may serve no more than three consecutive terms. 

Membership Structure

 The Council shall be composed of nineteen members as of July 1, 2015. 

  • Five appointed by the Board of Trustees for the University of Arkansas
  • Five appointed by the Fayetteville City Council
  • Nine appointed by the Walton Family Foundation


City of Fayetteville appointee vacancies are filled by appointment from the governing body of the City.

Public Notification

A weekly meetings list is prepared by the Office of the City Clerk Treasurer; it is distributed to the press and posted online via the City of Fayetteville's calendar.