Redevelopment Program

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In an effort to build a better community, the City of Fayetteville introduced the Redevelopment Program. The main objective of this program is to keep the city safe, clean, and green; through this program, low-to-moderate income households of Fayetteville may qualify to receive assistance to correct various city code violation(s) on their property.

To find out more about the Redevelopment Program, view our program handout (PDF).
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Violation Corrections

The Redevelopment Program may be able to assist citizens with the following violations:

95.01 Unsightly or Unsanitary Conditions

  • Overgrown grass/weeds
  • Junk, rubbish, or trash on property
  • Stagnant pools of water

164.14 Parking & Storage of Certain Vehicles

  • Inoperable vehicles stored on a residential lot outside of a carport, garage, etc.
  • Vehicles undergoing extended maintenance on a residential lot

173.09 Unsafe Buildings

  • Unsafe, unoccupied structures on a residential lot

Qualification Process

The following are guidelines for qualification for the Redevelopment Program:

  • Applicant(s) must live within the Fayetteville City limits
  • Applicant(s) must own & have occupied the residence for at least one year prior to application
  • Applicant(s) must not be delinquent on property taxes
  • Applicant(s) must fall within the low-to-moderate income guidelines (PDF) provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Applicant(s) must have a preexisting violation of City Ordinance(s) 95.01, 164.14, and/or 173.09

Application Process

For more information about the Redevelopment Program, or to apply for assistance, please contact the Community Resources office at 479-575-8260, or visit us at the address below:

City of Fayetteville
Community Resources Division
125 W Mountain Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701