Aviation Division

The City of Fayetteville Aviation Division is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the municipal airport. Management is supported by the Airport Board and a committee of citizens who assist the City Council in planning and decisions pertaining to the airport.


Our mission is to provide Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas with strategic and innovative aviation services and solutions designed to foster economic growth and commerce in an ever changing environment.


We hope to foster partnerships with the business community and educational institutions, capitalize on the assets of the airport, ensure fiscal stability of the airport, and contribute to the economic well-being of the community.


Drake Field, is owned and operated by the City of Fayetteville. In 1929 Drake Field was established with the help of Dr. Noah Drake. He was a Professor of Geology at the University of Arkansas, who donated $3,500 to purchase land that was used to construct an airport for the city.

In 1936 the residents of Fayetteville approved a $20,000 bond to buy a half mile square plot of land one mile south of the original location, to construct the airport at its present site. On April 14th, 1947, the airfield was officially named Drake Field in honor of Dr. Drake.

Evolution of Operations

For half a century, Drake Field ably served the citizens of Northwest Arkansas with commercial airline service. In 1999, Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport was opened to accommodate the needs of the rapidly-growing Northwest corner of the state with a larger, modern commercial airline facility.

Today, Drake Field serves the General Aviation community of Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas and the world. As a first class business and recreational airport, Drake Field has gracefully matured into a beautiful and superior airfield that honors the aviation traditions of its past and has its compass aimed sternly toward a bright future.

With many new facilities and services, our community airport continues to grow and thrive. Fayetteville - Drake Field, has indeed achieved her new role as the premiere general aviation airport in Northwest Arkansas