Animal Nuisance Problem

Report an Animal Complaint

Barking Dogs

Continuously barking dogs can be an annoyance for anyone living nearby. Animal Services Officers will investigate complaints of barking dogs during normal hours of operation. For all barking dog problems after our normal hours of operation, please contact the City of Fayetteville Police Department by phone at 479-587-3555. During normal hours of operation please call the the Animal Services Division by phone at 479-444-3456.

Encountering a Dangerous Animal

Residents who sight an animal they believe to be dangerous or vicious should not approach the animal and immediately contact the Animal Services Division at 479-444-3456. If you encounter a dangerous or vicious animal during times outside our normal operating hours, contact the Police Department at 479-587-3555 and provide the location of the sighting so that the dispatcher can alert the on-call Animal Services Officer. Animals are not determined to be dangerous or vicious merely due to the breed.

Roaming Cats and Dogs

For dogs or cats roaming without an owner, please call the Animal Services Division at 479-444-3456. Dog and cat owners are required to keep their dog or cat under their immediate control any time the pet is taken off their property. In order for an Animal Control Officer to issue a citation, the Animal Control Officer must directly observe a violation. For violations that occur outside of an Officer's presence, the Animal Services Division may send a letter to the animal owner's residence, or send an Officer to speak with the resident.


Fayetteville citizens who have nuisance wildlife that has made entry into the attic or crawlspace of their home can contact one of the local wildlife removal businesses to request a humane trap to be set. Citizens are allowed to purchase their own humane trap to capture nuisance wildlife. Animal Services Officers will only respond to calls of wild animals in privately owned traps once per year so if you set your own trap please be prepared to relocate the animal yourself. See below for regulations on setting your own trap.

Please note that for stray cat concerns, only two cats per week will be accepted from any one location. You can also download our wildlife brochure which has some great ideas for managing wildlife issues and contact information for wildlife removal specialists. If you are experiencing issues with deer please visit the City's Deer Management page.

Trapping Regulations:

  1. Jaw traps, leg hold traps, snare traps or any other trap designed to kill or maim are strictly prohibited.
  2. Traps should not be set in any area that would be considered a hazard for the animal such as drainage ditches, rooftops or unlevel surfaces where the trap would be in danger of falling.
  3. Traps should not be set during periods of excessive heat or cold temperatures or during any type of inclement weather.
  4. Any trapped animal must be released, unharmed outside the City limits within 24 hours of being trapped per Arkansas Game and Fish Regulation.

Swarming Honeybees

Have you seen a swarm of honeybees? Swarm season typically occurs between March and July, but depending on the weather, it can extend into the fall.  Local beekeepers are available to safely relocate and rehome honeybees. They do not charge a fee for most swarm removals and some beekeepers may even offer a reward or "finders fee." Please note that removal of swarms that requiring cutting into trees or walls will incur a fee. Also, this service does not apply to wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bumblebees, etc. View a list of Washington County beekeepers available for swarm removal

Stray Animals

If you found a stray animal, contact the Animal Services by phone at 479-444-3456. Stray animals without license identification are impounded, and many impounded stray animals are placed for public adoption. Animals are not placed on the adoption floor until 5 days have passed. The City of Fayetteville Animal Shelter has a high rate of adoptions and continuously improves its adoption rate and home-return rate. Regular veterinary care is provided for shelter animals and those injured or sick animals picked up by enforcement officers.

Road Kill

If you notice a deceased animal (wildlife or domestic) on any street or sidewalk please contact us by phone at 479-444-3456. We will place a service request for animal control to pick up the body as long as it is safe for the officer to do so.  If the animal is on a state highway (such as Highway 265/Crossover Road), you will need to call the state highway department for pick up at 479-251-8418.