Data Guide

This index lists all of the map layers currently contained in our online maps. The online map service in which the data is shown is linked in the table column titled "Map Service." Some data appears in multiple maps.

Data/Layer/ThemeMap Service
AddressesGeneral Reference
My Fayetteville Services
AnnexationsLand Records
Art (Public)Fayetteville Art Walk
Base Flood ElevationsFlood Data
Building AgesHistoric Sites
Building Footprints (2014)Land Use
City Limits (Fayetteville)Land Use
Master Street Plan
Wards and Neighborhoods
City Limits -- other citiesMaster Street Plan
City Owned PropertyLand Records
ContoursLand Records
Current Land UseLand Use
Design Overlay DistrictZoning
EasementsLand Records
Elected OfficialsMy Fayetteville Services
Enduring Green NetworkMaster Street Plan
FEMA FIRM PanelsFlood Data
Flood Zone (100 Year)Flood Data
Land Use
Master Street Plan
Flood Zone (500 Year)Flood Data
FloodwaysFlood Data
Future Land UseLand Use
Future TrailsParks and Trails
Hillside/Hilltop Overlay DistrictLand Use
Master Street Plan
Historic DistrictsHistoric Sites
Wards and Neighborhoods
Hydrants (Water)Utilities
LakesLand Use
Master Street Plan
Wards and Neighborhoods
Master Street PlanMaster Street Plan
National Register of Historic PlacesHistoric Sites
Neighborhood AssociationsWards and Neighborhoods
ParcelsLand Use
ParksParks and Trails
Planning AreaLand Use
Master Street Plan
Parks and Trails
Plat PagesLand Records
PLSS (Section-Township-Range)Land Records
Public ArtFayetteville Art Walk
Sanitary Sewer Collection SystemUtilities
Schools Attendance ZonesMy Fayetteville Services
SidewalksParks and Trails
Stormwater Collection SystemUtilities
Land Use
Master Street Plan
Wards and Neighborhoods
Street LinkagesParks and Trails
StreetsMaster Street Plan
SubdivisionsLand Records
Survey MonumentsLand Records
TrailsParks and Trails
Master Street Plan
USGS QuadranglesLand Records
Utility Service ProvidersMy Fayetteville Services
WardsWards and Neighborhoods
Water Distribution SystemUtilities
My Fayetteville Services