Compost & Mulch Facility

Location and Hours

1708 S. Armstrong Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Tuesday and Thursday: 8am-3pm 
November thru March: 1st Saturday from 8am to 12pm
April thru October: 1st and 2nd Saturdays from 8am to 12pm


Compost is available for purchase while supplies last during normal operating hours at the compost facility. The City uses natural composting techniques by monitoring temperature and moisture content. With good conditions, natural composting can be completed in approximately 5 to 7 months. The material is screened before selling to the public to remove large items.

Compost by the Scoop:

  • $20 per scoop plus tax
  • One scoop equals approximately 2.5 cubic yards (enough to fill the bed of a regular size pick-up truck)

Compost by the Bag:

  • $4 per bag plus tax
  • One bag is approximately 40 to 50 pounds
  • Please call ahead for bags to be ready for pick up. 479-575-8398

Compost Restrictions:

  • Only Fayetteville residents are allowed to purchase the compost and must show proof of residency through their water bill. Please bring a copy of a recent water bill showing solid waste charges for proof of residency
  • Residents will be limited to purchasing 1 scoop when the compost is available, to ensure everyone who wants compost is able to purchase some.
  • No commercial customers or apartments are allowed to receive compost


Mulch (wood chips) is available throughout the year and is very beneficial as a weed blocker and increases soil moisture retention.
  • $10 per per scoop plus tax
  •  One scoop equals approximately 2.5 cubic yards
  • Mulch may be purchased by both Fayetteville residents and non-residents

Dropping Off Yard Waste

City of Fayetteville residents are able to drop yard waste at no charge during normal operating hours at the Compost and Mulch Facility. Please bring a copy of your most recent water bill showing Recycling and Trash charges for proof of residency.

Commercial and Non-residential Rates:

  • Compact pick-up trucks $5.00
  • Full size pick-up trucks $8.00
  • Trailers up to 14-feet long $10.00
  • Trailers greater than 14 feet $15.00
Ordinance reference: City of Fayetteville Code; Chapter 50; Ordinance 4382; Section 1;50.40(E)(1)