Active Transportation Advisory Committee

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee, formally known as the Sidewalk and Trails Task Force, also formally known as The Sidewalk and Trails Advisory Committee, was created by Resolution 71-01 on June 5, 2001.  At the July 15, 2003 City Council Meeting Resolution 102-03 was passed changing the name of the committee to "Sidewalk and Trails Task Force".  At the August 3, 2010 City Council Meeting Ordinance 5343 was passed changing the name of the committee to "Active Transportation Advisory Committee". Ordinance 5963 passed on April 4, 2017 amending the ordinance to expand the scope of the committee’s duties and to establish a time for the election of the committee chair. Ordinance 6196 passed on July 2, 2019 amending the ordinance to expand opportunities for Fayetteville Residents to serve on city boards, commissions and committees. Ordinance 6535 passed on February 15, 2022 amending §33.350 purpose and establishment, §33.351 composition, §33.352 terms of office and §33.354 meetings of article xxiii active transportation advisory committee to increase the number of residents on the committee.

The committee may make recommendations to the Transportation Committee on active transportation projects and issues that have been referred to them by the Administration or Transportation Committee, including but not limited to: 

  • Yearly trail, sidewalk, and paving overlay construction program plans. Review of overlay plans will be focused on incorporation of active transportation facilities. 
  • Five (5) year trail construction prioritization plan. 
  • Major sidewalk projects, trails and other projects where major changes to existing street cross sections are planned. The review will be at the preliminary stage and will include typical cross sections and preliminary horizontal and vertical alignments. Neither the Transportation Committee nor the Administration need to delay projects or wait for this advisory committee's recommendations. 
  • Changes, additions, or deletions to the Active Transportation Plan and the Sidewalk Master Plans.
  • A member of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee may present reports and recommendations to the Transportation Committee as needed.

Meeting Videos

To view meeting recordings, visit our past meeting video archive.


Private citizen members shall serve two (2) year terms, with no limit to the number of terms they may serve. Any person who has served two (2) consecutive full terms on any city commission, board, or committee is not eligible for reappointment to the same committee until one term of office has expired, unless there is an insufficient number of applicants to fill all vacancies.  City Council, Planning Commission, and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board representatives may serve as long as they retain membership on their sponsoring body.


The committee shall be comprised of ten (10) voting members as shown below and non-voting staff/support members as designated by the Mayor.  

  • One (1) voting members of the committee shall be a member of the City Council designated by the Mayor; 
  • One (1) voting member shall be a member of the Planning Commission designated by the Planning Commission; 
  • One (1) voting member shall be a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board designated by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; 
  • Seven (7) voting members shall be residents of the City of Fayetteville, and appointed by the City Council, at least one (1) of whom shall represent a bicycle advocacy organization and at least one (1) shall represent Americans with Disabilities (ADA)


The City Council shall appoint the private citizen members through the normal Nominating Committee process. All other members of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee shall be appointed by their respective organizations.

Public Notification

A weekly meetings list is prepared by the Office of the City Clerk Treasurer which is distributed to the press and posted online.