City Pet Microchipping

Microchip Policy

The owner or keeper of any dog or cat four months old or older living in Fayetteville must have an RFID microchip implanted in their dog or cat. This is the best way for the City to return a lost or found pet to its home and help ensure a city with few stray animals roaming the streets.

At all times, the owner or shelter provider of a dog or cat living in the City must maintain up-to-date contact information, including address and telephone number, with the City Animal Services Division. Registration of correct contact information is the sole responsibility of the pet owner. Any change in address or phone numbers should be reported to City of Fayetteville Animal Services pursuant to Fayetteville City Code Chapter 92.

Pet Owner Responsibility

The pet owner is always responsible for making sure that their pet's microchip is registered with the Animal Services program as well as with the microchip company they purchased the microchip from. Any chip that is purchased from the City of Fayetteville Animal Services will be registered with the microchip company for you. By City Ordinance, the fee for any City-performed RFID microchip implant is $20.

If you are just now moving to Fayetteville and your pet already has a microchip implanted, you have 30 days to notify Animal Services that you have a pet with a microchip. You can simply fill out a Microchip Registration Form (PDF) or call the shelter at 479-444-3456 and give you and your pet's information. Make sure to have the microchip number ready.

If you don't know your pet's microchip number, you can go to the Animal Shelter at 1640 S. Armstrong Avenue in Fayetteville and we will scan your pet and register the chip number in our local database. We can also give you contact information to nationally register your pet’s microchip.

Additional Information

There are several microchip companies that sell microchips. Each company has slightly different rules and fees associated with their chips. The City does not charge any fee to change contact information in our local database for the life of the pet.

It can take approximately one month for a microchip to be registered in the national database; however, we maintain our own local database that your chip is registered with at the time of implantation or as soon as you turn in your microchip registration form.