Claim for Damages

Filing a Claim

The City of Fayetteville processes claims for property damage caused by uninsured City vehicles, equipment, infrastructure or personnel activities. The City is protected by sovereign immunity and filing a claim does not guarantee any right to receive compensation from the City.

Claimants have 30 calendar days from when the damage was discovered to file a claim with complete documentation.

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Once Submitted

After a claim is submitted, it falls into one of two categories: general or water and wastewater. General claims may be approved up to $8,000 by the City’s chief of staff. Water and wastewater claims may be approved up to $8,000 by the City’s utilities director. If a claim is more than $8,000, the Mayor may choose to deny the claim or send it to City Council for review. To learn more about the process, please refer to the claims workflow chart.


Please allow 30 business days for the City to process your claim. Additional time may be needed for claims more than $8,000, which may need to be reviewed by City Council. Claimants will receive a letter in the mail detailing why the claim was denied or approved. If approved, the claimant must visit the City Attorney’s Office to receive payment.

Tips for Filing a Claim

  • Clearly state the reason for the claim and the amount you’re claiming.
  • Please provide all contact information.
  • All documentation (receipts, estimates, photo, proof of incident, etc.) must be submitted for consideration. If a form is submitted without all proper documentation, the claimant may resubmit if it is still within the original 30 days of damage discovery.

How to File a Claim

Damage claims and supporting documentation can be filed online or in person. Claims must be filed within 30 days of property damage. The submitted date is used for online and in-person claims.

Mayor’s Office – Claims 
City of Fayetteville 
113 W. Mountain Street 
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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