Office of the Mayor

As Mayor of the City of Fayetteville, now in his third term, Lioneld Jordan brings his passion as a public servant to our city day after day, improving the quality of life and sense of place in our town and making lives better for all of the people in our community.  He is famously known for his open door, open mind and open heart and he applies his core principals of equality, diversity, and inclusion through his every action.  He is also known for his love for this city and frequently talks about what makes this community unique and great. To quote Mayor Jordan: “It’s not about what we market in this city, it’s about what we believe.”   Lioneld and his wife Diana, married for more than 40 years, have been working together as partners to nurture their love for this city as it continues to prosper.

Lioneld was a career employee of the University of Arkansas before being elected as a City Council member in 2000.  He served two terms on the Council and was elected as Mayor in November of 2008, 2012, and 2016.  Mayor Jordan’s priority projects include advancing the City's infrastructure, creating a walkable city, building a comprehensive economic development program focused on jobs with living wages, providing open government that encourages citizen participation, and effectively managing the City budget. Initiatives for improving quality of life in Fayetteville include supporting cultural vibrancy, sustainable development, environmental protection, affordable housing, alternative transportation, affordable and accessible broadband for all citizens and businesses, and developing a welcoming new Americans plan.

Lioneld is both passionate and persistent, is a great listener, and a trustworthy person who does what he says he is going to do.  He is someone who will always keep the best interest of the entire City at heart. As Mayor of one of the fastest growing cities in Arkansas, Lioneld is an advocate for smart growth which means continued job growth, the “right” development, implementation of the city’s Economic Development Strategic Plan, Fayetteville First, all while preserving our historic and environmental heritage.

Among Lioneld’s many accomplishments, perhaps one of the most significant with the longest term impact is the creation of Kessler Mountain Regional Park and the preservation of more than 400 acres of mountainous green space adjacent to the park.  This space is now preserved in perpetuity and as our city continues to grow, will become our very own “Central Park” for our children’s children and generations to come.

Another major accomplishment was his work to help pass the City’s Civil Rights Act. Regardless of what happens at the state or national level, Fayetteville will remain a city where everyone is accepted and respected, no matter what country they come from, the color of their skin, their religious beliefs or who they love.  He believes in a partnership-based government in which all citizens feel that they matter and have a say in how the government works.

Under Lioneld’s leadership, the city continues to garner accolades as best and most affordable place to live, start a business, go to college, and retire. The list is actually too long to recite!  These awards and recognition do not happen by accident.  It takes a lot of hard work, leadership and commitment and Lioneld is quick to acknowledge the work of the entire community:  partners like the University of Arkansas and Fayetteville School District, the Business Community, Arts & Creative Economy professionals, Environmentalist, all of the diverse and often eclectic citizens, and of course the city staff.

In his 2017 State of the City address, the Mayor talked about the “soul” of our city and the opportunities that await us.  Under his leadership, we will keep the faith, stay strong together, and continue to progress with the principles that have defined our culture, despite – or more importantly – because of what may happen outside of the perimeters beyond our control.  It is a tough fight in the political climate of today to protect the soul of our city but the Mayor is up to the challenge to continue to protect the environment, guard our civil rights, build bridges not walls, and move our city ever forward.

Duties - Office of the Mayor

The Mayor is the elected Chief Executive Officer for the City of Fayetteville and is the presiding officer for the City Council. As Chief Executive Officer of the City, the Mayor has a statutory duty to oversee the enforcement of City policies, ordinances, administrative rules, and State laws, as well as direct City offices and employees to discharge their duties.

View the City of Fayetteville's Organizational Chart here. 

The Mayor operates within State statutes and City Ordinances to provide community leadership. The Mayor accomplishes this task by providing and maintaining an open door forum for residents, business interests, and other interested parties to discuss City policy, concerns, and requests.

The Mayor is responsible for submitting an annual budget to City Council appropriating funds for government operations. The Office of the Mayor must create a balance of City services, recognizing the changing needs of the community and the desires of the citizens while maintaining financial stability. The Mayor is elected during the presidential election for a 4-year term and can serve an unlimited number of terms.