Fayetteville Public Television

The City of Fayetteville supports the free speech efforts of its residents by providing a platform that can be used to express your views and opinions on any subject. Fayetteville Public Television is your channel. You, the residents, decide what is telecast.

All resources are free for residents of Fayetteville, students attending the University of Arkansas or Fayetteville Public Schools, and employees of public institutions and non-­profit organizations based in Fayetteville. Residents of Washington and Benton Counties can utilize the resources for a $50 annual membership fee.

Channel Information

Fayetteville Public Television is telecast to viewers on:

  • Channel 218 (Cox)
  • Channel 99 (AT&T U-verse)
  • Channel 44 (OzarksGo)

It is also streamed on YouTube and livestreamed on Twitch.

Resources and Talent Available

In addition to providing an entire channel dedicated to the programs produced and provided by the residents, the City of Fayetteville also provides all the talent and resources needed to teach residents to become video producers. Any resident can learn how to make their own video programs through free classes. The City of Fayetteville also provides professional-level video equipment you can use to make programs at no charge!

Fayetteville Public Television is operated under contract with Your Media, a local, non-profit media support organization.