Capital Projects Division


This team manages water and wastewater capital projects. The team also provides technical support to the Water / Sewer Operations Division and Wastewater Treatment Division, and provides support to other city project efforts as needed. The Capital Projects Division is also responsible for the inspections and maintenance on the 3 lake dams, Lake Fayetteville, Lake Sequoyah and Lake Wilson.
Biosolids Drying Facility Outside

Saving Money

By selectively performing in-house design and construction inspection, the team has saved millions of dollars in consulting costs. 

Wastewater System Improvement Project

In 2012, a Wastewater System Improvement Project (WSIP) was completed that significantly increased the capacity of the city's wastewater system and included the construction of the $61 million new West Side Wastewater Treatment Facility. The wastewater system can now treat wastewater for 115,000 people. Several capital projects have been completed on the wastewater system since the WSIP was completed in order to further improve the quality of the sanitary sewer system in Fayetteville.

Additional Projects

The department has managed the design and construction of numerous water and sewer projects done by consultants and contractors, including a $2.3 million sewer rehabilitation project, a $1.3 million water tank rehabilitation project, and several water and sewer relocations for ARDOT projects. In 2017, the team also finished a complete rewrite of the standard specifications for design and construction of water and sewer lines.

For a list of current and future utilities capital projects and related information, please visit the Water & Sewer Capital Projects Program page.