Canvas of Light

Digital artworks were projected onto the West Avenue Parking Deck south wall as part of the Canvas of Light, a special New Year art installation that spanned from Dec. 19, 2023, through Jan. 2, 2024. The southern façade of the parking deck was transformed into a vibrant canvas to celebrate the holidays and new year.

This temporary exhibition was curated and placed by arrangement with the Fayetteville Arts Council. 

Special Thanks:

Ted Belden, Greg House and Ramble North

The Bank of Fayetteville, Alex Worthington & Carl Kernodle 

Projection consultation, engineering, and programming by the team at TheatreSquared.

Featured Works:

STR62- Donnie Copeland

A red and white abstract striped form, resembling wrapping paper or peppermints.

About the Artist:

Donnie Copeland (b. 1977, Greenville, SC) studied painting at the University of Dallas (MFA) and at Ouachita Baptist University (BA). For the last several years Copeland has worked primarily with painted paper to produce non-objective, collaged canvases that emphasize pattern, texture, color and mark. Copeland's works are a synthesis of the visuality of landscapes such as planted fields and prairie that run along the rivers of Arkansas as well as that of peoples and cultures local and distant, rural and urban. His work has been exhibited in Arkansas and beyond including exhibits in Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and the United Kingdom. 

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow- Gina Gallina

A burst of colorful yarn art photographed in a layered collage.

About the Artist:

Gina Gallina, based in Fayetteville, AR, is an award-winning artist whose work has been showcased at prestigious events such as Vogue Knitting Live. She has also been commissioned to create public art installations across the country and was recently awarded an NWA art grant. She was recently invited by the city of Bentonville to crochet the giant apple for the city's 150th Anniversary and was selected for Fayetteville's Call of Art for the Lower Ramble as part of the city's Cultural Art Corridor Project. In addition, she was voted Best Maker of the Year in 2022 for the Black Apple Award sponsored by The Idle Class Magazine.

Forrest Bot- Jason Jones

A large robot is covered with evergreen tress and forest animals in a mountain scene.

About the Artist:

Jason Jones is a muralist residing in Fayetteville Arkansas. His work can be seen in many locations throughout the region. In addition to his mural work, Jones is internationally known for his altered thrift store art, where he adds his own twist by hand-painting on top of old discarded art. Jones' practice expresses a dialogue between old and new, humor and social concerns, bringing a whimsical tone with each work.

Star Skipper- Melissa Milton

A sprite skips and dances among a nebulous cloud of color and stars

About the Artist:

Melissa Milton paints with acrylics, sculpts and hand draws digital art. Melissa's artwork has been exhibited in local galleries that include the Walton Arts Center, The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, Terra Studios, Local Color Gallery, Fenix Arts, Art Ventures Gallery and The ANA Gallery. Her artwork has also exhibited at the Fayetteville Public Library as well as the lobby of Rogers' Aloft Hotel. 

Melissa's art has been published in British Vogue, British GQ, Studio Visit and American Mensa magazines. It has also illustrated poetry in the book "Living Large" and has appeared on the cover of the 2022 Dairy Hollow Echo Writer's Anthology. 

In addition to being available via her art website (, her art pieces may be regularly found for sale at Terra Studios, The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum Gift Shop, Bentonville Mercantile and The Art Gallery at NWA Mall.

Reunion- Eloa Jane Pereira

A father and son embrace and are made out of rolled and coiled paper.

Eloa Jane Pereira, a Brazilian-born artist, immigrated to the US in 2005. Being in a new country, grasping a new language and relearning how to perform the simplest of tasks, easily made her feel inadequate. She suffered from the sort of ailments that afflict the soul. Her struggle was an outlet, a means of processing through pain and grief. Art became more than a pastime. She emerged with a heightened need to create and a sense that her happiness did not come from the pursuit of financial comfort and convenience. Instead, it came from filling her days with meaningfulness, resourcefulness and self-actualization. With little money to buy supplies, she chose paper, specifically the piles of paper stuffed into mailboxes daily, as her way of creating art. That satisfied Eloa Jane's need to, in her own words, "find fulfillment in creating meanings rather than owning disposables." Using an endless supply of trash, she can spread awareness while contributing to saving the earth's resources 

Gloaming- Kat Wilson

The moon in a night sky, surrounded by a dense forest. Medium: Photograph

About the Artist:

Kat Wilson is an experimental artist based in Northwest Arkansas, where she received her MFA. Wilson's work is theatrical, participatory and humanistic and often involves collaboration with others, including, in many photography projects, the subjects of the photos themselves. Early in her career, Wilson gained national success with her Habitats series of digital photographs, which, like her current #SelfieThrones and Warrior Women series, uses centuries-old compositional devices to create a sense of transcendence. Wilson's work has been published in Communication Arts, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post, displayed at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and projected at The Louvre, among many others.

The Dance- Anna Zusman

An elderly couple dance in a living room in this stark black and white image

About the Artist:

Anna Zusman is a visual artist and an art educator. She currently teaches drawing and illustration at Southern Arkansas University. Anna received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute. Her artwork employs visual metaphors and surreal elements to comment on the human condition and society. Anna actively participates in art shows and her drawings have been featured in national and international publications.