Wedington Trail

Wedington Trail project map

What is This Project?

The project is in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) interchange improvements at I-49 and Wedington Drive. The Trail bond has provided funding for a cost share with ARDOT to widen planned sidewalks to 10 feet wide to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians along the north side of Wedington Dr. from N. Salem Road to N. Futrall Drive. This includes a separated trail across the new bridge over I-49 and portions of the Shiloh Trail.

Why is it Important?

Current conditions along the Wedington Corridor make cycling and active transportation very difficult. This major corridor has many destinations that this project will provide a separated space for bicycles and pedestrians to access.

What is the Current Status?

Project is under construction

When Will it be Completed?

Completion is estimated for late 2024. 

How is it Funded?

Funding for the City’s portion of the project comes from the trails part of the Bond Issue approved by voters April 9th, 2019.