Report a Concern with SeeClickFix

Have you run across an issue in your community that needs to be addressed? Would you like to submit a report but are unsure where to start or who to contact? Residents and visitors can now report a concern quickly and easily by using SeeClickFix.

Report a concern with SeeClickFix.

What is SeeClickFix?

SeeClickFix is a community engagement tool that allows anyone to report concerns, submit requests for service, or provide feedback. Submissions will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate area within the City, who will then update the request status as the issue is addressed. 

Users do not have to register for an account to make a request, but can receive feedback on their request if they choose to register. Users may also submit requests anonymously, even if they have registered and are signed in to their account.

Users may also view a map of public submissions on the SeeClickFix home page or by tapping the "Requests" option within the mobile app.

SeeClickFix Mobile App Homescreen

SeeClickFix iOS app homescreen with buttons for Place, Notices, "New report" buttons

Reporting Emergencies: 

This service is not for emergencies and should not be used as an alternative to 911. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

How Do I Access SeeClickFix?

The service may be accessed online via your browser or via a smartphone app (iOS / Android). 

How Do I Submit a Request?

  1. Open SeeClickFix in your browser or smartphone app
  2. Follow the prompts to enter the location, category, and details of your request. Users may also include a photo (optional).
  3. Your request has been submitted! It will be routed to the appropriate area within the City, who will follow up directly to your request within SeeClickFix.

What Types of Requests Can I Make?

Over 30 Request Categories are available. This system is best suited for non-urgent issues related to City services, such as street maintenance requests, parking violations, deceased animals, building concerns, and more.

Note: to submit a noise complaint, call the Fayetteville Police Non-Emergency Line at 479-575-3555.

Request Categories

Click on one of the areas below to view a full list of categories related to that area:

Click on a Request Category link below to begin the submission process:

**To report urgent water or sewer issues, call Fayetteville's Water and Sewer Operations office at 479-575-8386 (Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). For after hours reports, call the Fayetteville Police Non-Emergency Line at 479-587-3555.