Arts and Culture

A desirable city for residents, visitors and businesses has a constellation of artists – from writers, actors and musicians to sculptors, painters, artisans, dancers and more. Fayetteville is rich with artists whose creativity is key to shaping our vibrant city. 

The City of Fayetteville’s Department of Parks, Natural Resources and Cultural Affairs invests in fostering a city driven by creativity that provides the opportunity for everyone to engage in diverse arts and cultural experiences. The City created the Arts and Culture Division in 2022. The goal is to ensure local arts and culture have a healthy future by developing policies and strategies to support the arts and cultural sector, incentivizing opportunities for thriving artists and organizations, growing the creative industry ecosystem and responding to community needs and opportunities.

Community Art Wall at Poplar Street Pumphouse

The Community Art Wall is a pilot initiative approved by the Fayetteville Arts Council in 2023 that aims to serve as an everchanging venue for artists and community members to showcase their work legally and without a permit.

Located at 691 W. Poplar St., the former City wastewater pump station sits on a 0.2-acre lot adjacent to the Razorback Regional Greenway. This initiative will revitalize the building into an evolving canvas for public creativity and expression, allowing the community to contribute art at any time in a welcoming and dynamic environment.

The Work:

Initial activation is being led by Fayetteville artist Olivia Trimble and the firm Sleet City Creative, which will take on the role of activating the space for muralist training and provide art maintenance and obscenity prevention during the one-year pilot period, ensuring a welcoming and family friendly environment.  The art wall will begin with a 21-foot mural by Trimble featuring the words "Imagine the Possibilities" which will invite collaboration from all artists in and around the community. 

The Rules:

Keep it positive: No hate speech, explicit, or gang-related content.
Keep it at the Pumphouse: Respect the neighborhood—only mark on the pumphouse walls.
Keep it respectful: Expect artwork turnover. Date your work and paint over older work first.
Keep it clean: Dispose of waste properly. Use safety gear and nontoxic materials. 

Comments or Concerns:

Please share any observations or feeling about activity on the art wall with Parks, Natural Resources and Cultural Affairs, by calling 479-444-3471 or emailing

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The Ramble

Settled between pockets of restored wilderness and Fayetteville’s beloved Downtown Arts and Entertainment District, The Ramble illuminates the evolving role of public space in our community. By embracing the journey, it serves as an urban through line and gathering space, a canvas for activating public art and programming, and a connection to natural woodlands and waterways in the heart of downtown. 

The Ramble is a celebration of the journey – connecting people with people, people with nature and people with art. 

RambleThe Ramble - Fayetteville, Arkansas

Weekend Starts Series

An art-infused series of Friday evening “compact creativity festivals” that will take place in the Lower Ramble. Kick off the weekend with a burst of creativity and fun! The WEST series is being held in conjunction with the University of Arkansas Department of Music. 

Weekend Starts is quiet for the winter, but will return in Spring 2024 every Friday, weather permitting. 

The series is Free, open to the public and all ages are welcome. 

Attendees can expect a lively atmosphere where they can unwind after a busy work week, enjoy strolling through the beautiful natural area and engage with their local arts community. bring a picnic blanket or lawn chairs to enjoy the performances and stay awhile. Arriving via the Razorback Greenway is encouraged, but parking is available at the Fayetteville Public Library’s south surface parking lot, as well as on-street parking along West Ave.

Music performers will celebrate the musical diversity found at the university. Concerts will feature jazz trios, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music, Ozark ballads, classical ensembles, rock songs, medieval music and more!

Weekend Starts series in The Ramble

More Information

The Fayetteville Arts Council

The purpose of the Arts Council shall be to promote and to encourage the appreciation and enhancement of the arts and culture resources of Fayetteville: learn more about the work of the council.

Public Art Map

Fayetteville has nearly 150 pieces of public art on display every day: see them on a map of Public Art.

Performing Arts

Fayetteville offers a wide range of performing arts:  from Broadway shows to regional theater productions to dance. View a partial list of performance venues to discover.

Visual Arts

Fayetteville has a diverse art scene that includes large art venues and small private galleries, experimental art and traditional art. There are also many types of art classes available. View a few of the art organizations available.