Black Heritage Preservation Commission

The Commission to Preserve Historical Black Structures and Cemeteries and to Create Black Historical Markers, was created by Resolution 210-21 on August 17, 2021. It was enacted into Fayetteville City Code by Ordinance 6472 on September 7, 2021. Ordinance 6543 passed on March 15, 2022 amending the name of the commission to Black Heritage Preservation Commission.

The purpose of this Commission is to recognize, acknowledge, protect and preserve historical Black Structures and Cemeteries in honor of the vision, accomplishment, and perseverance of Fayetteville’s early Black families and individuals and the churches and other structures they built. Another purpose of this Commission is the creation of Black Historical Markers to recognize the struggles and achievements of our Black citizens to promote diversity and equality for all Fayetteville residents and to oppose discrimination against any person in Fayetteville. 

Preservation and Protection

The Commission may work with and coordinate its preservation goals with the Historic District Commission. The Commission may recommend protection or preservation measures for particular Historical Black Churches, Structures, and Cemeteries to the City Council and the Historic District Commission. 

Black Historical Markers

The Commission should research and investigate sites of important struggles and achievements of our Black residents and their supporters to promote diversity and equality and to oppose discrimination in Fayetteville. The Commission may recommend to the City Council that a Black Historical Marker memorializing such important site be created and installed at such location.


The Council Member appointed by the Mayor shall serve a term commensurate with the Mayor who appoints the Council Member. The Mayor may reappoint the Council Member to additional terms.  All other Commissioners will have three year terms except two at-large Commissioners will initially serve for two years and two at-large member will initially serve a one year term.   


This Commission shall have seven members which includes a City Council Member appointed by the Mayor. The Commission shall include a member that is very familiar with an Historical Black Church in Fayetteville. The other five Commissioners shall be selected at-large. 

  • One City Council member.
  • One member familiar with Historical Black Church in Fayetteville
  • Five members at large  

Public Notification

A weekly meetings list is prepared by the Office of the City Clerk Treasurer which is distributed to the press and posted on the City's weekly Public Meetings Calendar.