Mission - Razorback Connector

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Map showing location of future Mission - Razorback connector trail.

What is this project? 

This is an on-street bike route that has been on the City’s Master Street plan for many years. The route for the Mission-Razorback Connector includes sections of Rebecca Street, Trenton Blvd., Park Ave. and Prospect Street.  

Trenton Blvd will be widened to the north to include a raised side path for cyclists and pedestrians.  Trenton Blvd. residents will still be allowed to park on the south side of the street once construction is complete.

The sidewalk on Prospect Street from the Razorback Greenway to Wilson Ave. will be widened to a 10-foot side path in order to provide enhanced bike and pedestrian access to Wilson Park.

The remaining portions of the route will include shared bike-lane markings and improved wayfinding signage.

Why is this project important? 

The Razorback Regional Greenway serves as the principle active transportation facility for Fayetteville and NWA regions, yet many Fayetteville residents are unable to safely access the Greenway by foot or bicycle due to gaps in sidewalk and trail networks. Currently, Mission Blvd. has no shoulders, is missing sidewalk sections, and is flanked with open ditches. These safety risks have long been a major barrier to accessing the Greenway for would-be pedestrians and cyclists in East Fayetteville. This bikeway has been identified as high priority because it will effectively complete a 12-mile loop for Northeast Fayetteville that includes sections of the Old Wire Cycle Track, Niokaska Creek and Mud Creek Trails and the Razorback Greenway. 

With these upcoming improvements, people riding bikes and walking will have a safer, more comfortable connection between Razorback Regional Greenway and the planned Mission Blvd Trail.

What is the current status? 

Construction is expected to begin in the Fall of 2021 and to take four months to complete.

How is this being paid for?

Construction of this project is funded by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.