Public Works Department

The Public Works Department brings together several service areas that routinely work on different aspects of the same projects, particularly those associated with the City’s streets, trails, sidewalks, and drainage infrastructure.

Public Works also works closely with the Development Services Department on many projects, particularly those associated with City Planning.

Engineering Division

Engineering staff provides technical review and support for all private development within the City of Fayetteville, including reviews for compliance with the City’s water, sanitary sewer, street design, grading and stormwater runoff standards before issuing building permits. The Engineering Division staff regularly coordinate and collaborate with the Development Services Department during development review.

Transportation Division

The Transportation Division manages the following programs:

Parking Management

The Parking Management Division aims to provide superior customer service by: ensuring that parking spaces are easy to find; implementing regulations that are intuitive, effective and easy to understand; and engaging the public through education, outreach and a friendly system of enforcement.

Aviation Division / Drake Field

The Aviation Division is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the Fayetteville Executive Airport – Drake Field, which is owned and operated by the City of Fayetteville.

Fleet Operations Division

Encompassing more than 675 vehicles, the Fleet Operations Division is tasked with vehicle and equipment procurement and maintenance, as well as maintenance of City of Fayetteville fuel stations.

Parks Maintenance

The Parks Maintenance Division maintains all parks, trails, trees, and gardens located on City property, as well as trees in the public right-of way. The division also manages the Fayetteville Outdoor Volunteering Program