Underwood Park

Underwood Parkland

Updated 2-12-2024

The City of Fayetteville is pleased to announce the opening of our newest community park – Underwood Park – which is located on the site of the former Razorback golf course west of Dean Solomon Road. The land available for use at this time totals 58 acres and consists of 38 acres park land donated by Craig and Laura Underwood as well as 20 acres of no cost leased land that enables use of cart paths, left over from the golf course, as unimproved walking trails. As city development progresses to the south, additional land will be dedicated in order to meet the City of Fayetteville's park land dedication requirement. This will eventually expand Underwood Park to a total of 65.54 acres, which is more than half the old Razorback Golf course.
When visiting, please respect the park boundaries and do not enter areas south of the park. The publicly accessible area includes two small ponds on the northern part of the property, but not the larger pond to the south. No-trespassing signs are placed around the southern border of the park identifying areas that are private property.
This park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Other park rules include pets must be on a leash. Smoking, alcohol, and firearms are not permitted. Overnight camping is not allowed. Please stay on the trails. Some trails may be under water when there is rain. The trails and old golf course bridges are primitive and park patrons are urged to use caution when utilizing them. This area has historically been known for having water snakes, so please be watchful.
The park entrance is located on the northeast side of the park via the white entry gate off Deane Solomon Rd. There is no access to the park from the south, as the south side of the former Razorback golf course is private property. There is currently no parking allowed within the park, so visitors are encouraged to walk or bike there, or to park on the surrounding streets near the NE entrance. Please do not block entries to the homes in the neighborhood. The Clabber Creek bike trail provides great access to the park. 

Underwood Park Master Plan

The Underwood Park Master Plan was adopted by the Parks Board on January 3rd, 2024. View the latest information and status updates on the Underwood Park Improvements and Master Plan page.