Outdoor Fayetteville

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2024 Program Information Coming Soon!

Outdoor Fayetteville is an experiential based program designed to offer introductory outdoor recreation opportunities for individuals and families who may not have the equipment or experience needed to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Recreation provides numerous benefits to physical, mental and emotional health. This program will provide an outlet for individuals and families to build stronger relationships and connect with the outdoors while also building new skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Here are the program offerings for Outdoor Fayetteville:

  • Archery Basics
  • Backcountry Cooking
  • Kayaking and Canoeing
  • Fishing Basics
  • Mountain Biking
  • Kayak Polo

Outdoor Fayetteville provides the equipment, instruction and opportunity to learn a new hobby and explore some of Fayetteville’s most beautiful natural scenery. Participants need only bring clothing, food and water. Lifejackets are required while on the water and will be provided.

Please contact Mark May at mmay@fayetteville-ar.gov or 479-718-7681 for any questions.