Landlord's Representative Registry

The Fayetteville City Council has passed Ordinance 120.02, which requires landlords owning more than two residential rental properties within the city to choose a designated representative to serve as a point of contact for resident renters and their neighbors, and to provide that representative's contact information to an online Landlord’s Representative Registry.  The ordinance was prompted by a desire to ensure that renters and neighbors will have a means of reaching landlords who may be difficult to contact if there are problems with the leased property.

Please note that all contact information provided for the designated representative will be available to the public.

  • Designated representatives should have the power and responsibility to respond to questions, issues and problems of the tenants, and to facilitate communication with the landlord. 
  • Landlord representatives must live or work in Washington, Benton, Crawford or Madison County, Arkansas. 

Those who fail to register by the April 30, 2021 deadline will be subject to fines. Any change to landlord representatives must be updated on the registry within seven days to ensure information in the Landlord's Representative Registry remains up to date. 

Click here to register a Designated Representative