Walker Park Improvements and Master Plan

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Last Updated: 5/24/2023

What is this project?

Created in 1949, Walker Park is one of Fayetteville’s oldest designated parks and one of five community parks. Improvements to facilities and offerings are needed to keep the park vibrant, equitable and enjoyable for its many users. A publicly driven master planning process is underway to help shape the future of this park

Why is it important?

Parks provide many recreational benefits to the community, including physical and mental health benefits, as well as social and ecosystem benefits. Community parks in Fayetteville are designed to be unique, offering a variety of recreational, social and cultural opportunities. To maximize the potential benefits that Walker Park can provide, a strong understanding of the needs of the community is needed. The master planning process is tailored to gain a detailed understanding of the total communities needs to help create a strong master plan to guide future development.

What is the current status?

The master planning process will be complete in fall 2023. Construction of park improvements will follow master plan recommendations starting in 2024.

The master planning process began in March 2023 with public-input sessions and online questionnaires designed to collect initial ideas and feedback. Information gained in those meetings and 385 survey responses were used to develop two concept plans for the public to view and provide comments on at a planning meeting at the park on Tuesday, May 23 (5-7 p.m.), as well as online at Speak Up Fayetteville, the City's online engagement portal. Learnings and ideas from these concept plans will be used to develop the first draft of a master plan, which will be available for viewing and comment in mid-summer 2023.

How is it funded?

Funding for the development of a master plan and the construction of future improvements to Walker Park comes from the Park Improvement Bond approved by Fayetteville residents in April 2019.