Walk, Run, Ride Fayetteville


Fayetteville Parks & Recreation invites you to participate in our three part challenge series this fall. With each month having a different emphasis of walk, run, or ride all ages and abilities are encouraged to get out and explore our parks and trails through a physical activity of choice. The challenge will utilize Strava as a main platform for involvement. However, weekly and monthly content (trail tour links, log sheets, resources) will be posted to this webpage.


September: “Ride Fayetteville” - Ride a total of 100 miles over the course of the month

October: “Run & Walktober” - Run or Walk a 5k or 10k this month

November: “MOVEmber” - Get 20 minutes of intentional exercise a day, every day, this month

December: “Wintery Mix” - Diversify your exercise. Walk, Run, Ride with purpose


  • Tune into this “Walk, Run, Ride Fayetteville” webpage
    • Here you will find challenge details, resources, and updates!
  • Follow the “Fayetteville AR Parks & Recreation” account on Strava
  • Go and Do!
    • Use the provided log sheet each month to track your progress
  • Record some of your activity on Strava
  • Be social with us and share some activity on the Strava club
  • Submit to Win Prizes
    • At the conclusion of each month, submit the provided “Walk, Run, Ride Fayetteville” participation form for your chance to winner prizes. 


Ride Fayetteville is the September challenge. Across the nation, cyclists of all types are celebrating all things bicycles during "Cycle September". Fayetteville Parks & Recreation is joining in on the challenge! During the month of September, we will be offering a "Ride Fayetteville" challenge to promote cycling in our parks and on our trails. With the end goal of riding 100 miles within the month, we will provide you with resources to track your rides and share your rides, highlight suggested routes to help you towards the mileage goal, and offer a cycling specific challenge in between.

When: September 1-30
What: Ride 100 miles
How: Follow our “Fayetteville AR Parks & Recreation” account on Strava. Join our “Ride Fayetteville” club on Strava. Keep track of your miles throughout the month. Record/share some of your activity via Strava if you’d like, submit your mileage log to us at the end of the month to be eligible to win prizes! BONUS: Create an account on “Love to Ride” and join NWA’s effort to log miles in the National Cycle September Challenge.
Tools: Ride Fayetteville Mileage Log Sheet

Trail Tour (Strava) Routes:
Week 1 - Lake Fayetteville (paved)
Week 2 - Virtual Square 2 Square Bike Ride (paved) 15 and 30 mile routes
Week 3 - Midtown to Uptown with Tunnel Alternative (paved)
Week 4 - Gulley to Greenway: Niokaska Creek Trail (paved)

Submit: Whether you met the 100 mile goal or not, fill out the Ride Fayetteville Participation Form to become eligible for prizes. 

Run & Walktober is the October Challenge. This is a 5k and 10k challenge. Pick your distance (or do both!) and set out this month to run or walk a 5k or 10k on our park trails. Each week, we will feature a 5k or 10k route on our FPR Strava account. We also encourage you to share your favorite 5k or 10k course (utilizing our City of Fayetteville trails) with us! 

When: October 1-31
What: Run or Walk a 5k or 10k
How: Follow our “Fayetteville AR Parks & Recreation” account on Strava. Join our “Walk, Run, Ride Fayetteville” club on Strava. Tune in each week for our suggested routes for 5k/10k options in parks. Record/share some of your activity via Strava.

Suggestion (Strava) Routes:
Week 1 - 10K in So Fay (paved)
Week 2 - 5K at Kessler (natural surface trail)
Week 3 - 10K at Lake Fay (natural surface trail)
Week 4 - 5K at Gulley Park (paved)