About EnerGov

New Online Development, Licensing and Permitting Portal Coming July 13

On July 13, the City of Fayetteville will be implementing a new web-based system called EnerGov™ to handle applications and payments for Planning, Engineering, Building Safety, Business Licensing, Alcoholic Beverage and HMR/Supplemental Beverage. The upgrade is part of an ongoing City initiative to streamline, simplify and automate these processes. The EnerGov software implementation is another project in the Mayor’s digital infrastructure initiative that strives to enhance City operations, increase efficiency and improve public transparency through the use of technology.

In preparation for the launch of EnerGov™, the existing systems for Inspection requests / permit tracking has been shut of as of July 6, and business license requests have been shut down as of July 7.  The system for other permit, planning and license applications will close down on July 8. This will allow City staff time to move applications in process to the new system and test it before it becomes available for public use.

Who to Call for Permit/Inspection Tracking and Business Licensing

If you have questions or need information about Inspections / permit tracking or Business licensing please contact the following numbers: 

  • For Permit/inspection tracking call 575-8238
  • Business Licensing call 575-8352

Starting Monday, July 13, City staff will begin to process all Planning, Engineering, Building Safety, Business Licensing, Code Enforcement, Alcoholic Beverage and HMR/Supplemental Beverage business through EnerGov. Due to the amount of processes that are being moved to the new system, the City will not be changing the method by which businesses and the development community submit requests for the first several weeks. 

Coming Soon:  EnerGov Citizen Self Service Portal

Once internal staff is comfortable with the new system, the City will deploy a new online Citizen Self Service Portal. The new portal will allow customers to submit applications, business licenses, pay for permits, check on the status of applications, view inspections, and complete a host of additional processes to improve Development Services related business with the City.

The new portal will guide users step by step through the application process and remove the need to submit documents separately to various City offices. Instead, users will upload all the necessary information and documentation in a single online system, which will then automatically forward the materials to the proper City departments. Users will also have the ability to log in to track the process of their application.

When the EnerGov™ Citizen Self Service Portal launches, Development Services and Accounting customers will be invited to create a login profile and register for the new system. Online video tutorials will be available to help users learn how to upload their materials and navigate the system.

For more information, call 479-575-8242 or email rbertram@fayetteville-ar.gov.